Ogx Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

August 05, 2017

I'm going to let you into a little secret, I came across these while browsing on the Superdrug website and coming across a deal for 3 travel minis for 2 (I do love a good deal!) and of course I'd snatch up the good deal, and when I tried it out, I was overwhelmed by the delicious Coconut Milk scent and it made my hair smell like a fresh summers day, cracking coconuts (Visualisation there for you... not exactly fitting but it was a beautiful scent!) I absolutely loved the stuff. MY hair felt nourished, fresh and looked amazing. I've had trouble in the past from going back and forth with it going through very greasy stages and very dry, it tends to stick to extremes, however, this was perfect and for my hair seemed to balance it out and keep it looking silky while smelling lovely.

Now one thing I am eager to cover is that, if you are anything like me you try to stay on the cheaper side for buying toiletries or necessities. in the past I've stuck to £1 bottles, and the price of these is way out of my budget. But the other day I popped into Superdrug and they currently have a 50% off, so picked up a bottle of both shampoo and conditioner which were around £3-£4, still a little more than I'd usually spend but I'd figured out by now that in my books it was worth it. I do always recommend buying a travel size of a product first, or borrowing a friend's as it does save a little money! I love these so much, so that's why I dedicated a whole post to it! You can pick them up in Superdrug and more, or order them off Amazon as I had a look on there.  This is not sponsored or influenced in any way, I always give 100% honest review on products it's just I honestly love these!


The Body Shop | Vitamin E Range | Review

July 24, 2017

Now I must admit, when I heard The body shop had been campaigning against animal cruelty, I was rather excited. "finally!" I thought, It'd felt like a while since The body shop was seen as this company which didn't glorify the nasty side of the body and cosmetics industry. I, naturally excited, tweeted just because I was so happy, briefly mentioning at how if I wasn't broke I would've dived at the chance to buy their products. In return, a lovely lady named Emily (Big thanks!) messaged back, saying how they wanted to send something.

I've been trying 3 (The other was a lipstick which I am going to write a whole post on) of the products they sent me, in the morning and the evening and I must mention first how incredibly pleasant they smelt. Just a hint of a rosy smell, not overpowering or 'in your face' but refreshing. I would start off with the Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash, which shocked me as it made my skin look glowy and radiant. I'm sure I wasn't dreaming, but after a few uses I could tell it was the facial wash that was brightening my skin and also helped diminish any blemishes or uneven areas of my face which was especially great in the morning before applying makeup.

Next I have been using the Vitamin E Moisture Cream, which can I just mention is 100% Vegan! Good one :) Now this stuff is the definition of creamy yet not heavy, it moisturises without making your face feel heavy and oily. It absorbs into the skin and leaves it silky smooth, which again is a bonus before applying makeup. And I have been following up with the Vitamin E Eye Cream, which I started placing under my eyes and started noticing less darkness under my eyes, and those pesky creases (staying up too late at night!) had started to fade a lot, so I began also placing the smallest amount on any other areas on my face, such as my forehead I'd add a little dab.

My honest opinion is that I really, honestly recommend these products and they have more Vitamin E range which can cater for other skin requirements but overall they recommend these products for all skin types which is great. They are more on the pricier side, for myself anyway, and most honestly will only buy these probably after a birthday or sometime where I may have a bit of spending money! If you are keen on these products I do suggest you go and buy them, and also share love to The body shop for being so wonderful.
*Gifted these items very kindly, but will always review honestly


Death By Chocolate Palette Review

April 21, 2017

 So it turns out, when let loose in Superdrug with a basket and birthday money, I divert to the affordable and amazing brand of makeup revolution/I heart makeup. The chocolate bar palettes have interested me for some time now and there is a ton of reviews and comparisons between the palettes and how they are a dupe for the Too faced Chocolate bar palettes. Now I don't own the Too Faced palettes or any Too faced makeup to create a comparison, however, I am picky with eyeshadows and had extremely high expectations of this palette because of the hype.
As to be expected, pigmentation varied from type of shadow such as shimmery to matte, and I found surprisingly that some shimmery shades were more opaque than mattes but the golds in this palette really drew my eyes to this palette in particular, and having worn some of the shades today since this morning I can give a better response on my thoughts. Personally, I love this. The shades compliment my green eyes and also have some unusual colours for a pop of colour but still have the classic nudes and more neutral tones which I very much enjoy.
The formula on a few of the shades when swatching were slightly chalky with excess powder, but overall the consistency seems to be a good one when packing shimmer onto the lid so works out well.
And to uncover any rumors, I can confirm the shadows do have a lovely rich chocolate smell but not to strong so it doesn't make your eyes smell like chocolate or anything. I bought three of these palettes and will be reviewing the rest once I've tried them properly.

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